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“Why is the math teacher here for social studies?”

Excerpt from this blog post I slipped quietly into Room 304, trying not to distract the fourth graders, who were finishing up a writing assignment. I set up my laptop to project to the white board at the front of the room. The classroom teacher gave students a reminder that students had 1 minute left to… Continue reading “Why is the math teacher here for social studies?”


Mona Chalabi: Sequence, Sequence, Sequence

Mona Chalabi is a data journalist with the Guardian. I've been watching her on the Netflix show The Fix, during which she enters at a critical point in the conversation to reveal some data about the episode's subject, e.g. immigration, or gentrification, or artificial intelligence. The data contextualizes the problem before the panel of comedians provide… Continue reading Mona Chalabi: Sequence, Sequence, Sequence