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I know it’s been, well, quite a year. But if you’re looking for free summer PD opportunities, both of which offer certificates, I have some good news for you!

Build Math Minds’ Virtual Math Summit
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July 30, 2021
11am EST/8am PST
(and available to watch through August 8, 2021)

“Slow Reveal Graphs: An Instructional Routine to Support Sensemaking About Data”
Presented by Jenna Laib (@jennalaib)

Q&A with Jenna (and other presenters) at 2pm EST/11am PST for participants that register as VIPs

Graphs and infographics are everywhere! How can we support students in navigating the data representations they encounter in school and in the world? In this session, we’ll dig into a powerful discourse-driven routine: “Slow Reveal Graphs.” In the routine, students “notice and wonder” about a graph that has been stripped of context or labels. As more and more of the graph is revealed, students refine their interpretation and construct meaning, often in surprising ways. This routine increases access for students without sacrificing rigor or engagement. 

Math Teacher Lounge (with Bethany Lockhart Johnson & Dan Meyer)
Free, On-Demand PD for Teachers — available now!

Featured in Course 1: Technology in the math classroom and using a slow reveal graph

What does effective and ineffective technology look like in the math classroom? Teacher planning and instruction has to be intentional when using technology in class. This course features insight from Idil AbdulkadirRobert BerryLauren Carr, Jenna LaibSteve LeinwandFrancis Su, and Theresa Wills.

(All of the episodes of this season of Math Teacher Lounge are fantastic! Check them out!)

The video comes from Episode 3: The power of data science with Jenna Laib. Curious how data science can reveal profound noticings in your math class? Special guest Jenna Laib joins Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer to discuss this and the power of data science in the classroom.

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This episode is available with closed captioning.

Slow Reveal Graphs appear again in Episode 5: Slow reveal in an 8th grade classroom. Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) substitute teaches an 8th grade class. Students interact with a few activities authored by Dan using the slow reveal described first in the Power of Data Science segment.

If you or someone you know is presenting about Slow Reveal Graphs somewhere this summer, let me know. I’m happing to add links here.

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