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Countries with the Greatest Numbers of Islands

Michelle Yeoh's win for Best Actress at the 2023 Academy Awards marked the first time an Asian actress took home that trophy! This graph tracks wins in the Oscar's Big Five categories. What data would we want to determine exactly how underrepresented people in these groups are?

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Comparing the Number of Fires with the Amount of Emissions in Canadian Fires (2002-2019)

The number of yearly wildfires in Canada has stayed about the same or decreased. So why is the total yearly emissions from wildfires increasing dramatically?

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Prize-Winning Pumpkin Weights

How big are the world's largest pumpkins? What accounts for the rapid growth in size for years? Have we finally peaked with how big we can grow pumpkins? Go inside the world of competitive pumpkin growing... Click to access the slide deck, and learn more about math & content connections.