Slow Reveal Graph in a third grade classroom (Brookline, MA)


What IS a Slow Reveal Graph?

Slow Reveal Graph (#slowrevealgraph) is an instructional routine that promotes sensemaking about data.  This highly engaging routine uses scaffolded visuals and discourse to help students (in K-12 and beyond) make sense of data. As more and more of the graph is revealed, students refine their interpretation and construct meaning, often in surprising ways. This routine increases access for students without sacrificing rigor or engagement.

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photo from a slow reveal graph in a first grade classroom in Brookline, MA - endangered animal species in the US

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This work and graphs featured are from collaboration with Brian Bushart, Kassia Wedekind, Heidi Fessenden, Dan Meyer, and many, many more math educators from around the globe! Click here for a list of contributors.

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