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“Why is the math teacher here for social studies?”

Excerpt from this blog post I slipped quietly into Room 304, trying not to distract the fourth graders, who were finishing up a writing assignment. I set up my laptop to project to the white board at the front of the room. The classroom teacher gave students a reminder that students had 1 minute left to… Continue reading “Why is the math teacher here for social studies?”

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The Decline of the Taíno

The Decline of the Taíno (LINK) courtesy of Jenna Laib (@jennalaib) Type of Graph: line graph Source: The NYSTROM Atlas of Our Country's History (published by Herff Jones Nystrom, 2012) Potential Math Content: line graphs, ratios, estimating points on a line graph, estimating slope, Potential Content Connections: history, race, genocide, slavery, colonialism, Columbian exchange, social justice

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Grocery Sales at Dollars Stores & Whole Foods

Grocery Sales at Dollar Stores and Whole Foods – LINK courtesy of Lisa Mellecker (@lkmellecker) Type of Graph: line graph Source: Huffington Post Potential Math Content: line graph, scale along the y axis Potential Content Connections: social justice, economy, paired text #1, paired text #2 Further Reading: “Dollar Stores Planning for Permanent American Underclass,” by Andrew Whalen (Newsweek, Dec. 7, 2018)… Continue reading Grocery Sales at Dollars Stores & Whole Foods