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There are several bloggers in the #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere) that have written about Slow Reveal Graphs (sometimes called Numberless Graphs or Notice and Wonder Graphs).

Brian Bushart @bstockus
(Oct 2016) (May 2017) (August 2017)
Brian describes his initial thoughts around slow reveal graphs (numberless graphs), and describes some classroom case studies.

Chris Hunter @ChrisHunter36
(New York Times: What’s Going On In This Graph?)
Chris describes using the graphs during professional learning with teachers, including making content area connections. He also introduces the beautiful New York Times feature “What’s Going On In This Graph?”

Jenna Laib @jennalaib
(“Why is the math teacher here for social studies?”)
Jenna offers a vignette describing the use of a slow reveal graph to launch 4th grade work around colonialism and slavery in the Caribbean.  

Kassia Wedekind @kassiaowedekind
(Playing Around with Data, Part 1) (Part 2)
Kassia describes her experiences experimenting with this routine in the elementary classroom.

Chase Orton @mathgeek76
(Grade 2) (Grade 1)
Chase describes using slow reveal graphs in lesson studies with grade 2 and grade 1 teachers. The lessons continue with the routine to have students generate mathematical statements and questions about the fully revealed data.