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Disney Princess Baby Names in the US (1951-2021)

Are prospective parents influenced by the names of princesses in Disney movies? How much of an influence do these movies have over naming trends? Check out the slide deck and questions on

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The World’s Biggest Employers

The World's Biggest Employers graph from Statista; slow reveal by Jenna Laib (@jennalaib) Slide Deck 1 reveals the topic early on and then students make sense of the employers. Slide Deck 2 reveals the employers early on without the topic, and students make sense of that. Both has them analyzing the quantities and what they… Continue reading The World’s Biggest Employers

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Vaping Up a Storm 3: E-cigarette ads and teen e-cigarette use

As more dollars were spent on e-cigarette advertising, e-cigarette use amongst teens rose dramatically. This double y-axis graph, that is both a bar and a line graph, reveals a disturbing trend.

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