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Twitter’s Top Emojis Over the Course of 2020

Twitter’s Top Emojis Over the Course of 2020
graph by Pawan Sachdeva (@PawanSachdeva_), slow reveal by Jenna Laib (@JennaLaib)

(Slide deck includes notes and questions to elicit discourse)

Type of Graph: line graph

Source: For the Love of Emojis, by Pawan Sacheva/@PawanSachdeva_ (Tableau’s Viz of the Day — July 17, 2021)

Paired Texts:

Kelly, Samantha Murphy. “People Can’t Stop Using these Emojis during the Pandemic.”, May 11, 2020

Seargeant, Philip. “Five ways emojis have reflected COVID Culture.” The Conversation: Academic Rigor, Journalistic Flair; July 15, 2021

Potential Math Content: line graphs, estimating values, predicting values, predicting the future, predicting data, intersecting data, comparing percentages, data collection methodology

Potential Content Connections: emojis, social media, media literacy

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