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Simon Gregg’s Devastating Slow Reveal

Simon Gregg (@Simon_Gregg) is an elementary educator in Toulouse, France. He taught grade 3 (UK year 4) in the 2018-2019 school year.

Simon’s blog is appropriately titled “Following Learning.” He seems endlessly fascinated by both student thinking and academic content, and the work that he shares on twitter is nothing short of beautiful.

On May 24, Simon shared short insights into a lesson he taught with his grade 3 students. It’s a brilliant example of Simon’s respect for students and their ideas, his keen eye for engaging through stories, and his ability to pack a huge mathematical punch. This is challenging material to wrestle with mathematically and politically — and just as humans. Without exaggeration, it left me breathless. Check out the thread below to see how Simon built a narrative in which students shared ideas about and cared for the person at its center, only to have to wrestle with some data that flips everything on its head.


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