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“Why is the math teacher here for social studies?”

Excerpt from this blog post

I slipped quietly into Room 304, trying not to distract the fourth graders, who were finishing up a writing assignment. I set up my laptop to project to the white board at the front of the room. The classroom teacher gave students a reminder that students had 1 minute left to work before we started social studies.

Harry eyed me suspiciously from his desk on the far left side of the room. “Wait… social studies?”

Students started to shuffle around the room, and more of them noticed me. I’m a familiar face. This is my 7th year as a math specialist/coach at my school.

“Why is the math teacher here for social studies?” Jason wondered aloud.


I paused. “Because I’m going to teach social studies today,” I said with a smile. I used to be an elementary classroom teacher, and I majored in American history in college, but the fourth graders in front of me associate my presence with math exclusively.

I launched into the #slowrevealgraph routine.

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