Comparing Career Points Scored with Minutes Played of Top 100 Active NBA Scorers (as of Jan 31, 2023)

Top 100 Active Scorers in the NBA as of January 31, 2023
graph from Kirk Goldsberry/ESPN; slow reveal by Jenna Laib, suggested by Heidi Sabnain

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Type of Graph: scatterplot

Visualization Source: Goldsberry, Kirk. “LeBron’s journey to the NBA scoring record in shot charts.” ESPN: January 31, 2023.

Data Source: NBA data via Kirk Goldsberry (@kirkgoldsberry)

There are two versions available of this slow reveal graph: one in the original colors from Kirk Goldsberry’s visualization, and the other with inverted colors that makes it easier to annotate on a white board.

What does this visualization tell us that a list of all-time scorers in the NBA does not?

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Potential Math Content: scatterplot, bivariate data, determining what a point means, trends, scale along the y-axis, color coding, trends

Potential Content Connections: US, sports, basketball, NBA

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