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International Rates of Incarceration (Disproportionate Incarceration Graph #1)

International Rates of Incarceration (LINK)
courtesy of Connie Rivera (@Rivera_Con)

Type of Graph: bar graph

Source: The Sentencing Project

Potential Math Content: bar graphs, scale, ratios, proportional reasoning

Potential Content Connections: incarceration, race, the US justice system

This is the first graph in a series of slow reveal graphs Connie Rivera created for a unit called “Disproportionate Incarceration: Graphing, Proportional Reasoning, and Social Justice.” She used it with students in an adult education course. Read more about this series on the Special Collections page.

Click here to download this slide deck in its original PPT format (from Connie Rivera)

Click here to download a follow up assignment from Connie Rivera.

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