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The US Cities Where the Cost of Rent is Rising the Fastest

US Cities where the Cost of Rent is Rising the Fastest
graph by Chartr; slow reveal by Jenna Laib

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Type of Graph: scatterplot

Visualization Source: Chartr. “Renters beware: Rental prices are cooling, but not everywhere.” Chartr Daily Newsletter: April 17, 2023.

Data Source: Katz, Lily. “Rental Market Tracker: U.S. Rents Post First Annual Decline in Three Years.Redfin Rental Report: March 2023.

Potential Math Content: noticing trends, percentage change, cost, bivariate data, meaning of x-axis, meaning of y-axis, scatterplot, meaning of a point

Potential Content Connections: money, economy, rent and housing, social jsutice,

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