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How does Latin American Healthcare Compare to Europe & North America?

Healthcare Expenditure Compared with Life Expectancy in LatAm, Europe, and N. America
How does Latin American Healthcare Compare to Europe & North America?
graph from Latinometrics (@LatAmData); slow reveal by Jenna Laib (@JennaLaib)

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Type of Graph: scatterplot

Source: Latinometrics. “How does LatAm Healthcare Compare to Europe & N. America” @LatAmData twitter: July 22, 2022.

(5/8) Another country that highlights the US’s inefficient spending is Canada, where people can expect to live up to 80 while spending less than half. So, what’s going on in the US? 

(6/8) The leading causes of a lower US life expectancy are:  
Road accidents
Opioid overdoses
Higher rates of obesity … compared to other developed nations.

Source: @OurWorldInData

(7/8) So, how did Costa Rica become LatAm’s leader in life expectancy? Universal healthcare and social security have been a part of its society since the 1940s, when its CAJA system (@CCSSdeCostaRica) plays a significant role.

(8/8) Costa Ricans enjoy 100% coverage through CAJA for all medical procedures, appointments, hospital visits, and prescription drugs. The system, mandatory for everyone since 2010, is funded by small monthly contributions from all residents based on income levels.


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