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Forbes Highest Paid Athletes – International (2019)

Forbes Highest Paid Athletes – International (2019)
data visualization by Amar Singh (@ArmourSingh) / slow reveal by Jenna Laib (@JennaLaib)

(Slide deck includes notes and questions to elicit discourse)

There are two versions of this slow reveal available: one that uses decimals (e.g. $89.4m) and one without decimals (e.g. $90m).

Type of Graph: bar graph

Source:Forbes Highest Paid Athletes” by Amar Singh (via Tableau)
(The original is a fun racing bar graph! Check it out.)

Paired Texts:

Rodriguez, Sarah. “Do Athletes Deserve Millions?Sports Illustrated Kids, published September 12, 2011.

Dalton, Kyle. “Who Are the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes?Sportscasting, published May 18, 2020. (includes video clips)

Potential Math Content: bar graph, decimals, comparing values, estimating values

Potential Content Connections: sports, money

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