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NYC Subway Fare Evasion by Income Level – Who Skips Out on Paying?

(NYC) Subway Fare Evasion by Income (LINK)
courtesy of @jennalaib 

(Slide deck includes notes and questions to elicit discourse)

Type of Graph: line graph

Source: Mona Chalabi (@MonaChalabi) on Instagram and Twitter, October 29, 2019

Paired texts:
Now This (October 29, 2019): NYPD Tackle and Arrest Unarmed Black Teen for Not Paying Subway Fare. Now This. Retrieved from: https://nowthisnews.com/news/nypd-tackle-arrest-unarmed-black-teen-for-not-paying-subway-fare

Katie Shepherd (October 28, 2019): ‘Putting dozens of lives at risk over $2.75’: NYPD slammed for pulling guns on fare-hopping teen. Washington Post. Retrieved from: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/10/28/nypd-video-guns-pointed-subway-train-unarmed-fare-hopper/


Potential Math Content: line graphs, rate (y-axis), shape of data

Potential Content Connections: race, *social justice, wealth, police, social policy, government, transit

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