WMMP Fall Institute (November 5, 2022)


an instructional routine to promote sensemaking about data

Enjoy the conference!

Conference Handout

Video Clips

Video about Navigating this website

How do we navigate SlowRevealGraphs.com?

Math Teacher Lounge

Watch Dan Meyer, Bethany Lockhart Johnson, and guest Jenna Laib engage in a slow reveal graph on Season 1, Episode 3 of Amplify’s Math Teacher Lounge.

Dan then modeled the technique with an 8th grade class in episode 5.

3 Minute Overview

What are slow reveal graphs? (The 3 Minute Version!)



Play with More Slow Reveal Graphs

Think about:

  • What types of questions would you ask?
  • How do the questions help…
    • uncover thinking?
    • probe thinking?
    • consolidate thinking?
    • deepen and extend thinking?


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