Maths Teacher Circle (20 April 2022)

an instructional routine to promote sensemaking about data

Our Time Together

Slow Reveal Graph – Participant Link

If you want to review the slow reveal graph we did together…

[Participant Link]

Slow Reveal Graph – Facilitator Link

If you want to run your own Desmos activity of the slow reveal graph we did together…

[Facilitator Copy]

Slides from Maths Circle session

For the slides from our session…

[Slide Deck]

Play with More Slow Reveal Graphs

Think about:

  • What types of questions would you ask?
  • How do the questions help…
    • uncover thinking?
    • probe thinking?
    • consolidate thinking?
    • deepen and extend thinking?

Video Clips

Video about Navigating this website

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Math Teacher Lounge

Watch Dan Meyer, Bethany Lockhart Johnson, and guest Jenna Laib engage in a slow reveal graph on Season 1, Episode 3 of Amplify’s Math Teacher Lounge.

Dan then modeled the technique with an 8th grade class in episode 5.

3 Minute Overview

What are slow reveal graphs? (The 3 Minute Version!)

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